Car Detailing and Smart Repair


  Auto detailing & smart repair the fastests growing branch in automotive sector

Specialist of the future

Detailking is the first european project that got off the ground with focus on motoring enthusiast. Within the framwork of our chain, taking care of cars becomes an art, which aim is an extraordinary focus on all tiny details.

Scratches off

Auto detailing is an comprehansive and extremely through process of cleaning and decontaminating both inside and outside. It assumes removing paint scratches and holograms by polishing and waxing and additionally it's also possible to apply special quartz or ceramic coatings to protect the car body.


Smart and fast

Detailking smart repair techniques are innovative systems for small and fast car corrections, that includes:

  • Detailking PDR System: the PDR tools work by massaging the back of the dent until it regains its previous shape. This technique produces unbelievable results and saves the  customers paying out the body shop repairs. Each of out PDR tools are specially designed in size, angle and thickness to tackle a variety of dings and dents in even the most awkward areas.
  • Detailking Wheel Repair System: designed for the occasional alloy wheel repairs, it's a low cost aerosol starter kit for the refubrishment of minor damage, which consists the most popular wheel silvers lacquers, prep, primer and cure filler.
  • Detailking Glass Repair System: is designed to repair starbursts, cracks and bullseyes in laminated windscreens. It repairs instead of replacement, can be carried out in site and is much cheaper than replacement excellent results.
  • Detailking Trim Repair System: contains everything that you need to repair damaged vinyl, plastic, leather upholstery and trim. It can be used for seats, dashboards, door, trim panels, roof linings etc.
    Easily repairs vandal damage, telephone holes and scuffs, dashboard vinyl and leather, cigarette burns and refurbishing cracked leather or vinyl
  • Detailking Fibre Repair System: it's a comprehensive kit that enables you to repair velour and most other fabrics. Designed specifically for repair on all vehicle fabrics, Fibre Repair is also perfect for repairs in caravans, boats, pubs, restaurants and offices. It repairs cigarette burns, snags and pulls, small cuts and tears etc.
  • Detailking Bumper Repair System: is a two part urethane product for the repair of splits in bumpers and plastic components. It can be used for the repair of fixing lugs on many items including bumpers, handlamps, interior and exterior trims.