Our products

Does not only provide services but also the production, distribution and service of steam car washes, dry-wet and extractors vacuum cleaners, ozone generators and car cosmetics. Our experience has enabled us to select the highest quality products that combine performance, reliability and attractive price. Our offer includes merchandise of Detailking brands:



Although we treat each case is treated individualy and we will try to adapt the offer to the customer's needs and its financial capabilities, in our offer you can also find ready-made, the most commonly used sets of steam car wash equipment. Sample packages refer to services both for the stacionary profile as well as mobile and they include first-class equipment, add-ons and accessories and chemicals available on the market.



We offer a wide selection of steam cleaners. We offer both electric models as well as diesel used in mobile car washes, cleaning services and industrial applications. Our products are manufactured entirely in Europe with the components of the best European suppliers.



Dry-wet, extraction and steam vacuum cleaners are the ideal complement to our range of steam car wash. Dry-wet models can effectively clean the surfaces of both the dirt dry and with any kind of liquid. Extractors are used to wash the surface of the material, in turn, floor cleaners and steam effectively clean, wash and disinfect.




Our company also specializes in the design and manufacture of professional ozone generators that are created to disinfect the premises, vehicles, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Ozonators are also well suited for the removal of odors and the fight against allergens, mold, fungi and viruses and the effectiveness of ozone is confirmed by numerous scientific studies.