Training / Smart Repair

Smart Repair is an integrated system of "quick" vehicle repairs that can be performed in any place and time. With our systems training you will learn how to professionally quickly and efficiently perform specific services.
We conduct comprehensive training in:
  • Paintless Dent Removal - PDR Detailking (removing dents without painting)
  • repair rims - Detailking Wheel System (removing cavities , filling, painting aluminum wheels)
  • window repair - Windscreen Detailking System (polishing scratches , removing cracks , chipping and called . spider veins)
  • Upholstery Repair - Detailking Fibre System (removing cigarette holes , filling cavities , mapping the structure of the material)
  • repair of leather , plastics, vinyl - Detailking Trim System (repair cuts, abrasions , holes in the upholstery leather and plastic parts and vinyl)
  • repairing the exterior of the plastic - Plastic Detailking System (removing scratches , abrasions , mapping the structure of plastic and painting items)
  • bumper repair - Detailking Bumper System (gluing and removal of cracks in the bumpers, removing scratches and stains , varnish)
  • repair paint defects - Detailking Spot Repair (removal of spatter on the stones and other defects in the paint)
Training dates are set individually, depending on the subject their duration is 1-5 days, maximum number of people in the group: 3 Training concluding with a relevant certificate.
If you have any questions please contact us.