Franchise / Auto Detailing and Smart Repair

The use of steam is the easiest way to create professional, stationary car wash. In contrast to traditional water wash points using dry steam cleaning technology does not require hard-to-get permits and expensive infrastructure such as separators, clarifiers, filters, etc. of mud
Thanks to steam washers  we are able to very quickly open the business at underground car parks, car parks outside the mall, the well-located plots without the appropriate infrastructure and other locations where so far it was not possible.
Many years of experience allows us, among others to: 
  • comprehensive advice 
  • ensuring technical assistance and architectural 
  • the opportunity to take advantage of the ready-made solutions (tents, halls, adaptation of buildings)
In collaboration, we offer you, among others.: 
  • consulting and sales of necessary equipment, chemicals and accessories at the lowest prices 
  • comprehensive technical training and substantive staff 
  • assistance in obtaining the appropriate form of financing 
  • marketing support 
  • comprehensive assistance franchise
For our partners we offer help in the selection of other equipment and professional advice.
We kindly invite you to contact us if you have any questions.