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Introducing the line of professional car care products bearing the signature logo of Detailking dealing with auto detailing. A wide range of measures for the application of external and internal refresh and protect elements of the vehicle. Great in increasing mobile units effectiveness


This product serves as “invisible wiper”and ensures the “effect of dry windows”even during strong rain, eliminating theneed for using wipers. It leaves thetransparent, antistatic layer on thesurface of the glass which allows for veryrapid flow of the drops.

Active foaming concentrated formula for special assignments. Its power andefficiency are perfect for cleaning theextreme greasiness and for washingcars, trucks, buses, etc. 




Thanks to specialized research, the carcare product was created that perfectly masks the minor scratches and damages,removes grease, traces of insects or asphalt,simultaneously causing very deepgloss of the coachwork.


Engine Care


The product specially prepared for cleaningand conservation of the engines.It is perfect even in extreme situations.It degreases and dissolves even the mostpermanent dirt. Simultaneously, it blackensand conserves the cleaned areas.

High quality, super-efficient wax, whichgives immediate results. It refreshescolour, ensures high gloss and richnessof colour of the lacquer. For easy andrapid application under both wet anddry conditions.
It deeply cleanses the structure of lacquer, masks the scratches and removes imperfections while restoring its glare and richness of colour. Ideal for damaged,lustreless layers of lacquer. It works fast and can be applied easily.


G. Glass


Product prepared especially for cleaning and degreasing windows and mirrors. Thanks to the use of  alcohol and other substances, it can cope with smudges, water stains or dry dirt.


Insect Off


It is an excellent product which removes traces of dried insects from windscreens, headlights, car body, elements of plastic and chrome. It works very quickly and efficiently and is safe for all kinds of surfaces.



The product intended for polishing and conservation of plastic and rubber erelements. It causes the formation of water-resistant, protective layer, degreases, nourishes and equalizes the colour of cleaned parts. It doesn’t leave any marks or stains.


Tar & Glue Remover


Excellent liquid for removing tar, resin, natural sediments, traces of asphalt and glues. It degreases the cleaned surface, without leaving any marks or discolorations. It dries slowly, making it extremely efficient. Moreover, it facilitates the work to a great extent.


Protective Glaze Sealant


Thanks to a specially developed formula, itl eaves a glazy, shiny antistatic layer which protects the lacquer, prevents from rapids oiling and protects against UV radiation.


Quick Deatailer


Thanks to a unique component and adequate qualities, it allows for effective care of bodywork, glass, plastics and rubber elements, rims and others. In addition to an outstanding detergency, it polishes and waxes the cleaned surfaces.



The product intended for polishing and conservation of rubber elements. It causesthe formation of a water-resistant, protectivel ayer ;degreases, and equalizes the colour.It doesn’t leave any marks or stains and gives glossy or matte effect, depending on its usage.


Whell Cleaner


The cleaning liquid of the highest quality used for aluminum and steel wheel rims. It effectively removes permanent dirt,grease, tarnish from braking pads etc., and has excellent polishing properties.


Ultra Glaze


Super-efficient, high-quality wax which gives immediate results. It refreshes the color, ensures a high gloss and richness of colour of the lacquer. For easy and rapid application under both dry and wet conditions.


Ultra Shampoo


Ultra-effective washing concentrate forcars. It perfectly cleans car body, chromes, rubber and plastic elements and all kinds o frims. It is biodegradable and does not destroy or tarnish the cleaned surfaces.




The ideal product for conservation of plastic and vinyl elements. You can use it regardless of the color of the element, with constant use it prevents fading and protects surfaces from scratches. It leaves a fresh, pleasant scent and gives glossy or matte effect, depending on the way of use.


Leather Protector


Very efficient product for impregnatingleather upholstery; of creamy and delicate texture. It perfectly moisturizes and conserves, while restoring smoothness and the natural smell of leather.The product is biodegradable, pH> 8


Leather Cleaner


It is an extremely effective cleaner for all kinds of leather upholstery. Thanks to innovative formula, it copes well with all kinds of dirt, degreases, softens and nourishes the cleaned surface.


Plastic Cleaner


It is a universal and very efficient liquid for cleaning all types of plastic elements. Itperfectly removes dirt and grease, leavinga pleasant citrus scent. Thanks to the unique composition, it refreshes cleaned surfaces and restores the original color.