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The mission of Detailking Car Wash is to provide a new revolutionary hand car cleaning system. We use the best steam cleaning technology to clean the cars. Our steam cleaning process cleans, dries and polishes car bodywork using only dry steam and micro fibre cloths. We offer an ecological alternative for a car wash maintaining the effectiveness and high quality of the service provided.


Go green with Detailking Car Wash.

A solution for water saving and environmental friendly car washing, deodorizing and sterilizing at the same time without chemicals.

Sustainability means taking the long-term view of how our actions affect future generations and making sure we don't cause pollution or deplete resources at rates faster than the earth is able to renew them. Saturated dry steam is a completely green technology that makes sanitizing possible in an environmentally friendly way without the use of harsh chemicals.

Detailking Car Wash superheated, saturated dry steam vapor products contribute towards sustainability while saving money on water, chemicals and labour.

Detailking technology gets excellent cleaning and sanitizing results saving up to 100 times in washing water, significantly contributing to its conservation.




Water is one of the most precious resources for humanity, but today its availability is threatened by multiple factors. Water is an exhaustible resource and should not be wasted unnecessarily. 

The water consumption of traditional pressure washer systems is about 1.500 - 2000 l/h, while the water consumption of CW2/CW3 steam generators is about 10 l/h. 

Detailking Car Wash consumes only 2 liters of water for each car, without producing any wastewater. Thanks to the total absence of wastewater, Twist can be used where running water is not available. Special authorizations for water consumption are not required. 

It's time to give water a second thought. Our contribution is to offer the best clean green solution against water pollution.



Twist eco car wash has many advantages over conventional cleaning

One of the best uses of Twist is the interior deep cleaning. It can be used on leather seats as well. The steam sanitizes and deodorizes at the same time eliminating stains and bad smells from nicotine without the use of harsh chemicals. The steam, in combination with the wet & dry vacuum cleaner, optimizes interior cleaning and dissolves stains and resistant deposits that are immediately sucked up. Twist is the fastest way to remove even the toughest stains from mats.




Bring your service to the customer's home. 

With Twist cars can be cleaned on their parking site, without the need (and risks involved) to constantly move vehicles. No time wasted at outside car washes. 

Team Twist is able to clean a car in just 10 minutes. The service is ideal for new and used cars of all sizes. Our flexibility allows you to select day and time of intervention for a minimum fleet of 20 units.



Twist doesn't only wash standard vehicles. Steam is not abrasive and therefore suitable for classic cars, deluxe limos or motorcycles. This safe procedure leaves a scratch-free, bright and clean surface. 

Twist easily enters into the door frames that are difficult to clean with other methods, without changing accessories, without slowing down the rhythm of work and without producing overspray.




Thermal shock kills ticks and fleas that can hide in the upholstery and removes bacteria, fungi and mites that cause allergic diseases. 

With prolonged periodic use, over time, bacteria and viruses become resistant to treatment by chemical products. Pathogenic agents are not resistant to the thermal shock of vapor cleaning. Unlike other cleaning methods, vapor is able to enter into all surface cracks and crevasses. Even with frequent vapor cleaning, pathogenic agents are unable to build up immunity to the thermal shock. The absence of water, the instantaneous drying of the cleaned surfaces and the reduced use of detergents are all factors which help maintain the optimum sanitary conditions. 

Allergens produced by dust mites are among the most common triggers of asthma. There are at least 15 mite allergens. Studies have shown that a significant portion of adult asthma is due to atopic sensitization to dust mites. It has been estimated that as many as 1.2 billion people could have some form of chronic sensitization to dust mites. Typical symptoms of dust mite allergies are itchiness, sneezing, inflamed or infected eczema, watering/reddening eyes, runny nose and clogging in the lungs. Cleaning with dry steam at lethal temperatures has been shown to be sufficient to kill all the dust mites.