Businesses / Hospitality Industry

Detailking also proposes its services to all kinds of entities associated with hospitality, recreation, spa and sports centers. When using dry steam you can quickly and efficiently take care of cleanliness not only sanitary or corridors, but also swimming pools, saunas, locker room, gym and back-kitchen, and dining options.
We provide all kind domestic steam services, among others:
  • carpet washing
  • washing windows 
  • furniture cleaning 
  • laundry and securing upholstery material 
  • spot removal
  • cleaning and protection of leather upholstery 
  • sanitation 
  • disinfection of bathrooms 
  • cleaning tile and grout 
  • general cleaning 
  • disinfection of mattresses
We also offer a comprehensive servicing of places such as: 
  • conference centers 
  • recreation centers and rehabilitation 
  • SPA centers 
  • sports facilities (gyms, gyms, swimming pools)
In addition, selected units are also involved in the field of specialized services: 
  • Upholstery repair material (removing holes, restore the structure of the material, etc.) 
  • restoration of leather upholstery 
  • removing scratches and chipping in windows 
  • securing furniture, carpets, etc.
We perform both one-time and long-term orders, regular contract services, we offer non-cash settlements, VAT invoices.  Your order we are able to achieve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to ensure continuity of work in your company.
We invite you to contact our experts who answer your questions and help you customize the products to meet your needs.