Our services / For individuals

For individual customers, we offer a wide range of services for apartments, houses and their surroundings. The use of steam car wash in the process of cleaning and washing allows you to achieve the highest standard of quality, while maintaining an extremely short drying time and quick implementation. During the work, we use the highest quality products of Chemspec company, which is a world leader in the production of chemicals for washing and cleaning.
We have a separate range of products for people suffering from all kinds of allergies and allergy. In addition, we specialize in orders laundering and stain the most exclusive and delicate materials such as cashmere, silk, chenille fabrics, jacquard and plush.
In addition to the traditional cleaning and washing, we also comprehensive support environment backyard: 
clean the roof 
wash and secure elevations 
clean and impregnate setts 
spaces are cleaned and overhauled Garden (gazebos, ponds, etc.)
Moreover, we deal with car cosmetics with access to the client. We offer washing cars outside, cleaning interiors, wash upholstery, ozonation and odor removal, preparation for sale at any place time. This is possible by using dry steam technology, which is fully ecologic, definitely reduces water consumption and effluent leaves the place of service.
On special request, the selected units are also involved in: 
  • auto detailing (polishing paint, removing scratches, polishing headlights, applying protective layers, etc.) 
  • Smart Repair (pull dents without painting, removing scratches and cracks plastic parts, restoration of leather upholstery and materials - removing holes, voids, etc., lacquering and replenishment of defects in aluminum wheels, repair stone chips and scratches on the glass)
We invite you to contact us and take advantage of our services.