Detailking Cleaning Services / Businesses


Our company has also prepared a comprehensive range of handling various types of enterprises and institutions. We offer our services to small, medium and large companies, for which the highest standard of cleanliness is a priority.
Our specialists are able to take care of both the image of your fleet, the cleanliness of the office, the order in the warehouse as well as the status of the devices the production hall. The use of dry steam technology allows us to provide a range of services in even the hardest to reach.
We are distinguished by: 
  • ecological character 
  • significant reduction in the consumption of water and chemicals 
  • simultaneous cleaning and disinfection 
  • Individual approach to each order
Our aim is our customers 100% satisfaction, high quality and short lead time while maintaining the lowest possible prices.
Throughout Europe we serve entities such as: 
  • fleets (comprehensive auto cosmetics) 
  • car dealers, secondhand shops, workshops, etc. (cooperation within the cleaning and cleaning cars, auto detailing and Smart Repair Service) 
  • enterprise communication (service buses, trams, trains, planes, boats) 
  • catering and hotel facilities (laundry, cleaning, disinfecting, degreasing, stains, ozonation and removing odors) 
  • food factories and heavy industry (cleaning, disinfecting, removing stains such as: grease, fats, oils, etc.) 
  • Company commercialism and administering real estate and office space (cleaning, stains, sanitizing, washing of carpets and upholstery)
We also specialize in the execution of orders, not referred to in those paragraphs. We give the opportunity of free demonstrations of our ability and are not afraid to take even the most unusual challenges.
We invite you to contact our nearest mobile steam cleaning branch.